Trolley Heat Treatment Furnace

Product Description

Grinding ball manufacturing lines improve manufacturing efficiency and save energy by a wide margin as setting up process.
TGL system features:
1, according to the procedures set out material for automatic operation mode can substantial increase in production efficiency and energy savings will help get the best value for money, car and high-chromium hardening furnace, saving up to 25 -- 40%.
2, getting a better quenching effect in order to ensure stable product quality; Expected to move out quickly in the wind (fog) cooling and hardening of oil under the condition of the ball can guarantee that the quality of quenching paragraph.
3, is conducive to production under the regulation of production.
4, is conducive to the size of the ball be dealt with separately.
5, arrangements can be reasonably equipment repair and maintenance.
6, heat-resistant steel can reduce the cost of consumption items.
7, the operator of a significant reduction in labor intensity.

8, a unique resistance wire (with) the distribution of the design, in the course of the work of local silk furnace open, adjustable-speed walk to maintain production.

Trolley Heat Treatment Furnace

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