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The trolley-type forging furnace adopts all-fiber furnace lining, fully sealed furnace body, automatic control of each medium pressure, automatic control of furnace pressure, and high-temperature high-speed automatic control burner. Computer + intelligent temperature control instrument + manual control three-level temperature control mode, low energy consumption, high stability.
Purpose of the trolley-type forging furnace:

        Application: Forging heat treatment Working temperature: 1300 ℃, temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃ Furnace capacity: 5t—200t Burner model and control method: SIO high-temperature high-speed burner, air-fuel automatic proportional combustion, dual-stage pulse control, gas The door of the forging heating furnace with automatic ignition and flameout alarm adopts lifting type, and the furnace car of the forging heating furnace with four-point pressing of the cylinder adopts double-layer balance frame wheel pair structure, heat-resistant cast iron guard plate, cogwheel-rack self-walking structure forging The furnace body of the heating furnace is a light steel frame structure, the furnace lining at the bottom of the furnace wall is a high-temperature castable, and the furnace wall and the furnace roof are a fiber furnace lining. The side seal is a cylinder-driven lift-type soft seal. Temperature control method: upper industrial computer distributed control / intelligent temperature control instrument + PLC control / manual control technical parameters.

Trolley-Type Forging Furnace

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