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Trolley-type tempering furnace is mainly used for tempering high chromium cast steel rolls, eliminating welding stress tempering after roll surface welding repair, and other purposes tempering. It belongs to energy-saving cycle operation tempering furnace. It uses microcomputer program process curve automatic temperature control cabinet , Fully automatic and high-precision execution of the best tempering process curve.
       The trolley-type tempering furnace adopts composite furnace lining or full fiber insulation. The furnace body and the trolley reduce the thermal convection loss of the trolley furnace through the self-sealing mechanism to achieve the highly efficient thermal insulation performance of the trolley furnace. Tempering trolley furnace adopts multi-zone heating, and a stainless steel thermal circulation fan is installed on the top of the furnace. The hot air circulates at high speed. The hot air internal circulation stainless steel air guide system uniquely designed by our heat treatment technology center is installed inside. .
Characteristics of trolley tempering furnace:
1. The inside of the furnace is heated by the ocr25A / 5 belt heating element.
2. The top of the furnace can use high-pressure centrifugal fans to reciprocate the airflow inside the furnace through the air-guiding inner cover to make the furnace temperature uniform. An eccentrically mounted axial flow fan can also be used to reciprocate the airflow in the furnace to achieve the purpose of uniform temperature of the furnace.
3. The tempering furnace lining adopts aluminum silicate fiber module structure. No heat storage, no gaps, thermally sealed.
4. The furnace door is lifted up and down by electric hoist. The spring lever principle presses the sealed furnace mouth by its own weight. Scientific advanced.
5. The trolley is driven by an electric cycloidal pinwheel reducer with one or more sets of driving wheels and corresponding passive wheels on the inner and outer double tracks.
6. The furnace bottom heating element is covered with a ZG30Cr18Mm2sizN alloy cast steel furnace floor. The upper openings between the blocks are stacked to ensure that the scale does not fall into the heating element tank.

7. PID intelligent zero-crossing trigger SCR. The programming instrument can be equipped with a 485 communication interface to connect to a computer for remote control. Cluster control. With or without paper recorder and paper recorder, over temperature alarm function.

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