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Use of vacuum annealing furnace: suitable for bright annealing of soft magnetic materials, silicon steel sheets, electrical pure iron, copper alloys and other materials. Eliminates residual internal stress after quenching of forgings, welded parts, cold stamped parts, and workpieces to prevent deformation and cracking of the workpieces.

Features of vacuum annealing furnace:
1. Convenient operation, manual / automatic free switching, can realize full-automatic control, fully avoid human operation errors during work.
2. With a complete alarm system, it can effectively provide equipment protection.
3. In view of the characteristics of some vacuum annealing furnaces that require low heating temperature and large furnace capacity, convection heating can be considered. It meets the requirements of fast heating speed and good temperature uniformity during the annealing process.
4. For the annealing treatment of some tubular, slender, thin-walled parts, it is recommended to choose a vertical top-loading or bottom-loading structure, which can effectively solve the deformation problem.

Selection reference of vacuum annealing furnace
1. Users can choose nickel-chromium heater or molybdenum heater according to the required annealing temperature of the workpiece. The maximum temperature of the nickel-chromium heater is 950 ° C, and the maximum temperature of the molybdenum heater is 1300 ° C. The corresponding heating power is also different.

2. In addition to the company's conventional models, various special specifications vacuum furnaces can be designed for users according to their needs.

Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing a series of vacuum annealing furnace equipment. This series of products use high-quality raw materials, use advanced production technology and equipment, precision manufacturing, look forward to your inquiry!

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