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The structure of the vacuum carburizing furnace is similar to that of the well gas carburizing furnace, and the round well casing is sealed and welded. It consists of furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace lid lifting mechanism, vacuum sealed fan, muffle tank and heating elements. The furnace lining is made of high-purity ceramic all-fiber insulation structure, which is more energy-saving and energy-saving. The carburizing furnace lifting mechanism also has a power-off protection device. When the furnace cover is opened, the main circuit power of the temperature control cabinet is automatically cut off. The carburizing furnace stops working. When the furnace cover is closed, the circuit is automatically connected. Effectively prevent accidents in safe operation.

        Vacuum carburizing furnace is a heat treatment furnace in a vacuum container that uses glow discharge to ionize carburizing gas, and the generated carbon ions bombard the surface of the charge material under the action of an electric field.

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