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Pit annealing furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle operation annealing furnace. It is mainly used for annealing and heat treatment of mechanical parts such as long shafts, rods, and pipe fittings. It can also perform heat treatment such as normalizing and quenching. Long rod-shaped workpieces, such as gun barrels, turbine shafts, rotors, etc. are vertically loaded and heated in a well furnace to avoid bending and deformation. After the workpiece is annealed, it will be less oxidized and decarburized to keep it clean.
Structure of well type annealing furnace:
       The shell of the pit annealing furnace is a pit furnace structure, which is composed of high-alumina refractory bricks and aluminosilicate fibers. When the whole fiber is used for furnace lining insulation, the heating elements are generally heated by high-temperature resistance bands, which has a longer service life and is not easy. fracture. All automatic control of the well-type annealing furnace cover of our factory have safety protection. When the furnace cover is opened, the control power is automatically cut off. Heating can only be started when the furnace cover is tightly closed to ensure the safety of the operator.
1. This equipment is composed of electric furnace body, furnace lining, furnace cover, heating element, temperature control vertical cabinet and so on.
2. The skeleton of the furnace body is welded by the combination of profile steel and steel plate. The bottom [10 # welding frame, 6 底板 steel plate on the bottom plate, 3㎜ steel plate on the shell, and 14㎜ steel plate on the panel. Sand trough 8㎜ steel plate.
3. The furnace lining is made of high-temperature-resistant aluminum silicate fiber cotton, which is made into a module matching the furnace type by tiling and stacking. It is tightened and fixed on the furnace shell by stainless steel round steel. The bottom of the furnace is made of perlite insulation brick and standard refractory clay brick, and the load-bearing part is made of heavy high-alumina brick.
4. The furnace cover is welded round by profile steel, and the middle is made of refractory aluminum silicate fiber spinning blankets to squeeze and assemble, effectively ensuring heat insulation and sealing.
5. The furnace cover is lifted by hand.
6. The heating element adopts 0Cr25AL5 alloy resistance band (produced by Shougang), which is processed into a wave shape and hung on the furnace lining cotton, and has high aluminum porcelain nails for positioning.
7. Furnace made of tightly welded stainless steel plates is placed in the furnace.
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