Vertical Pit Type Tempering Furnace

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Pit-type tempering furnace is an energy-saving cycle-operating tempering furnace. It is used for tempering in the air for long-heated workpieces such as long shafts, connecting rods, rigging and general metal parts. Quenching, annealing and aging heat treatment of light alloy parts such as aluminum plate.
       Well-type tempering furnace structure, the outer shell is made of steel plate and section steel with a cylindrical furnace body. The inner surface of the furnace cover is made of stainless steel plate. The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight energy-saving microporous refractory bricks. The furnace lining and the furnace shell are sandwiched with aluminum silicate fiber cotton to keep the temperature, and the gap is filled with expanded thermal insulation powder. 0Cr25Al5 high-resistance alloy wire is used for the resistance wire to be spirally installed on the wire resting brick in the furnace. A stainless steel charging basket is placed in the furnace. The furnace cover is raised and lowered manually. In order to uniformly heat the workpiece, a hot air circulation fan made of a heat-resistant stainless steel shaft and air blades is installed on the furnace cover. During the heating process of the workpiece, hot air is circulated up and down in the tempering furnace to ensure that the workpiece is evenly heated. To ensure the safety of operation, a limit switch is installed near the lifting mechanism. This switch is interlocked with the power supply of the tempering furnace control cabinet, and the power is turned on when the furnace cover is closed (during operation). The limit switch cuts off the control power when the furnace lid is opened, so the power to the heating element is cut off at the same time to ensure safe operation. The well type tempering furnace is equipped with an automatic temperature control cabinet and a thermocouple when it leaves the factory.
Features of Pit Tempering Furnace:
1. The furnace cover is equipped with a special air circulation fan, which has strong wind pressure, large air flow and good air tightness.
2. The furnace temperature uniformity in the well of the well type tempering furnace can meet the AMS2750D American Aviation Standard. It can reach ± 3 ℃, and the temperature control accuracy is 10 ℃.
3. Furnace lining adopts 230kg / m³ high-density aluminum silicate fiber wool structure, which has significant energy saving effect.
4. The furnace cover and the furnace mouth are double-sealed with soft and soft seals and sand knife slots. Depending on the weight of the furnace cover, manual levers or electro-hydraulic and worm mechanical lifts are used to reduce labor.

5. A more stable and reliable tempering furnace can be designed according to the shape, size and stacking density of the workpiece. In order to save costs and improve the pass rate.

Pit Tempering Furnace

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