Well-Type Controlled Atmosphere Carburizing Furnace

Product Description

Well-type controlled atmosphere carburizing furnace is suitable for various mechanical parts that require gas carburizing, carbonitriding, and normalizing, annealing, and tempering. Power 80-600K (W).

Pit-type controlled atmosphere carburizing furnace consists of furnace body, electric heating elements, muffle tank, deflector, circulation fan, furnace base, furnace cover, furnace cover lifting mechanism, carbon potential / temperature control system, gas distribution system cooling pipeline Etc composition. Adopt the structure of hanging bottomless muffle (oil seal), built-in deflector, aluminum silicate fiber module, furnace base directly carrying the workpiece and equipped with advanced control system, which effectively ensures the uniformity of furnace temperature and the uniform stability of carbon potential ; Realize automatic control and recording of temperature, carbon potential and process, and interlock protection of mechanical action;

Well controlled atmosphere carburizing furnace has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, convenient operation and reliable operation.

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