Well Type Quenching Furnace

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Pit-type quenching furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle-operating pit-type furnace. The heat treatment or quenching temperature is 850-1200 ° C. It is used for vertical hoisting and quenching and heating, the workpiece is not easy to deform, and the mechanical parts can be annealed and normalized.
Introduction to the structure of the well quenching furnace:
       The shell structure of the well type quenching furnace is made of steel plate and section steel and made of cylindrical furnace body.
       The furnace lining is built with ultra-lightweight energy-saving thermal insulation bricks. The furnace lining and the furnace shell are sandwiched by an alumina fiber blanket for insulation.
       Firstly, it is arranged by the uniform temperature cloth method, and it is divided into multi-zone and multi-stage design from top to bottom, and then the temperature of each zone in each zone is controlled by microcomputer program technology with high precision. The design is reasonable, the temperature in the pit furnace is uniform, and the temperature control accuracy reaches ± 1 ℃.
       The well type quenching furnace is equipped with an automatic temperature control cabinet and a thermocouple when it leaves the factory. It can also be equipped with a well type tempering furnace and quenching tank to form a well type heat treatment furnace production line.
Pit-type quenching furnace

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